You have reached Australia’s largest and most experienced storage system installation team. We are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, catering for ALL warehouse & office storage equipment installations, repairs, servicing and relocations.

Our head office is in Brisbane with branches in both New South Wales and Victoria.  We are not restricted by geography and are able to send our employees all over the country to accommodate any project location within Australia.

Our comprehensive licensing, industry accreditations and insurances, permit safe works of any scale throughout Australia. We have been entrusted to perform some of the largest automated systems and pallet rack installations, together with rack relocation projects in the country and are renowned for the safe and timely completion of projects to serve the best interests of our customers.

From finely-timed rack relocations to the complexities of off-shore installation (for example, computer-controlled mobile storage in Cairo, Egypt), Aus-Rack Installations is equipped to deal with challenges of any nature. Pallet rack repairs and relocations are undertaken with ease due to our vast experience in all racking brands.

Backed by our experienced workforce, a range of custom-built and certified lifting equipment, and our sound project planning principles, our pallet rack repairs, relocations and installation capabilities are only ever limited by your imagination.

Our Specialties Include Installation, Repair, Relocation, Reconfiguration and Servicing of:

  • High Bay Automated Systems
  • Pallet Racking
  • Cantilever Racking
  • Pallet Racking Protection and Bollards
  • Steel Shelving and Small Parts Binning
  • Warehouse Safety Fences
  • Long Span Shelving
  • Rack-Style Mezzanine Raised Storage Areas
  • Gravity Wheel and Roller Conveyor Systems
  • Work Benches and Packing Stations
  • Cool Room Storage of All Sizes
  • Carton Live and Pallet Live Storage
  • Mobile Shelving of all types, Self-Based, Hand Operated, Mechanically Assisted & Electronically Operated
  • Library Shelving Systems
  • Lockers and Clothing Storage
  • Load and Safety Signage
  • Custom Made Storage Systems and Products


We are the biggest and safest warehouse systems installation company in Australia, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our reliability to complete projects in the allotted time.